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Classic British TV Icons

A community for icons of old British TV

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A community for icons of classic, old, cult British TV shows.
Classic British TV Icons is an community for icons only.

Icon info:

Icons posted have to be related to British TV shows made before 2000.

Icons from spin off films from this era are allowed, if they share cast members with the TV version.

Modern remakes aren’t allowed. For example icons of Classic Doctor Who and Upstairs Downstairs are allowed, while New Who and the recent version of Upstairs Downstairs are not.

Actor/actress specific sets are allowed if they are of images taken from various roles they have had in old British TV shows.


Three teaser icons only, then please put the rest of them behind a cut.

No spoilers. Put spoiler icons under a cut and use a spoiler warning.

No NSFW images or quotes in teasers. Also please indicate if your icon set contains NSFW images or quotes.

All icons must be public. Do not post icons if they are in a friends only community or are only public for a certain length of time.

Do not disable comments. This is a common practise of trolls.

Use a tag. If you want a specific tag please request one here.

Any questions? Ask a question in the any questions post?.

Any posts that break the rules will be deleted. And any idiots will be banned.

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